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Success Cases


Having a direct presence in the StartUp nation - one of the world's epicenters of innovation is aimed at boosting innovation efforts and scouting activities. Establishing an ISRAELI HUB is an  EXPEDITION journey.


In response to today's most significant challenges, Bimbo Ventures was established in 2016 as a unit dedicated to finding solutions and technologies in global innovation ecosystems. In 2020, Bimbo Ventures opened an Israeli Hub. Today, along with noga, Bimbo identifies startups, technologies, and disruptive ideas for new products, ingredients, packaging, and operations optimization. 


“Bimbo was an unfamiliar brand in the Israel ecosystem,- says Rina Fainstein, CEO and Founder at Noga; now it is a key player for FoodTech startups interested in partnering with a multinational corporation. Boots on the ground are essential in ecosystems with many startups and business opportunities.” So far, Bimbo has invested in two startups and in two VCs in Israel and carried out dozens of POCs. 



In collaboration with Oxentia, Noga invited Israeli cybersecurity startups and scale-ups with commercial activities in Santander footprint countries to participate in the Santander X Global Challenge.  This global call was aimed at startups and scaleups from 11 countries (Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, USA, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Poland, UK, and Uruguay). We are very proud as two Israeli scouted companies were among the six Santander X Global Challenge winners. We know how to bring you quality startups and scaleups. 


Santander X is the exclusive worldwide community of startups and scaleups of Santander Bank. 

Santander X 100 aims to help the most innovative and promising companies grow by connecting them to the resources they need to thrive.


Researching and learning are needed to formulate policies. By being involved in the FoodTech field, we understand the trends, startups, investors, researchers, and CVCs playing on this ground in Israel, Spain, and Latin America. For this reason, noga was requested by the Economic Transformation and Development Division  OECD Development Centre to prepare a policy paper on FoodTech innovation in three intermediary cities:  Manizales, Colombia; Kiryat Shmona, Israel; and Murcia, Spain. We analyzed their contribution to achieving zero hunger through the development of the FoodTech ecosystem. We call BackPacks the knowledge sharing required to push forward changes.

We will happily share our knowledge of the FoodTech ecosystems in Israel, Latin America, and Spain.


Banco Industrial highlights the importance of being at the forefront of technology and innovation for financial and banking services. In this sense,  BI is conducting a  SCOUTING PROJECT - searching for Israeli technologies- on cybersecurity and AI solutions along with Volcano Capital, our local partner. We can assure you that they  “walk the talk”. Working with local partners, it's in our DNA.

Banco Industrial is Guatemala's largest bank and has a presence all over Central America.



Corporates willing to connect, invest in, or interact with Israeli startups, technologies, academia, and experts are eager to feel the ecosystem; they want to feel like doing an Innovation TREK in Israel. Noga organized the visit (trek) of the innovation leader of Quimmco Group- a Mexican industrial consortium in the fields of metallurgy, chemistry, and construction– who came to Israel to learn about the innovation ecosystem of Industry 4.0.

The long week experience included visits to startups and key institutions such as the Israel Innovation Authority, the Technion, the Peres Center, and Startup National Central. Your vivid experience in the Israeli ecosystem is crucial to do business.

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