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Food 4 Future – ExpoFoodTech

Food 4 Future ExpoFoodTech has closed its sixth edition in Bilbao with around 171 conferences, more than 400 national and international speakers, 287 exhibiting firms, and more than 8370 registered visitors, making it a benchmark event in the food and beverage sector.

There were many exciting panels and conferences. Some examples were the R&D project of “Hijos de Rivera” -their first biodegradable and compostable bottle- and the discussion regarding the value proposition of investment Funds and Food tech hubs in Spain.

noga participated in two panels at the Food 4 Future ExpoFoodTech and with a stand for Israeli startups.


Rina Fainstein, CEO of noga, was a speaker on two panels:

  1. Corporate open innovation processes a new relationship with Startups to grow together

  2. noga – The bridge that connects Israeli technologies with strategic challenges in Spain and Latin America

The first panel dealt with how Open innovation processes have become a very useful tool for corporates to capture the value and accelerate their own innovation processes through collaboration with startups. Benoit Buntinx moderated the panel from EIT, and the panelists were: Dr. Christoph Mandl, and Gabriel Torres Pascua.

In the second panel, Rina Fainstein presented noga and the benefits Israeli technologies/startups offer in food, agriculture, sustainability, and Industry 4.0 for the strategic challenges of Spanish and European companies.


As in past editions, the highlight was the showcase of the most promising food technology applications, robotics and automation, data technology, or processing techniques for healthy eating, sustainable and efficient food production. Upon a special invitation from Food 4 Future, Noga arranged an exhibition booth for Israeli companies to showcase their latest solutions. noga’s booth was a focal point for corporates and entrepreneurs wanting to learn more about the Israeli FoodTech ecosystem.

The following were the startups that accompanied noga and represented Israel at the event:

  1. Matics develops a real-time plug-and-play operational intelligence solution for digital manufacturing.

  2. Egg'n'Up develops plant-based, multifunctional, clean-label egg replacement solutions for the food industry.

  3. BlueTree develops a sugar-reduction platform for use in the beverage industry.


Spain aims to become the center of FOODTECH in Europe because the country is a traditional food producer. Spain exports fruit, vegetables and dairy products, and meat.

Spain has been investing in empowering its food tech ecosystem to achieve that goal. The F4F and the innovation ecosystem around the Basque region illustrate this point. Other active players include Eatable, naked Innovation KMZERO, and Smart Agrifood.

In this context, noga’s goal is to get to know the Spanish food tech ecosystem and support its growth by bringing startups from Israel.

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